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When establishing dental care with Dr. Marcus Swann of Direct Pay Dental Care, determining your method of payment is important!

Choose one of our payment methods:

Pay As You Go / pay for the service the same day after it is rendered

BOT (Back-On-Track) Plan / pay a flat fee based on your budget to complete your plan and receive a warranty on your completed plan



Your dental consultation will include:

  • Health history form
  • Review health history and gain rapport!
  • 10 minute screening examination
  • Digital radiographs (if necessary)
  • Cleaning (if necessary)



Comprehensive Prevention using a Standardized Treatment Protocol to achieve the most efficient dental plan!

  • Treat all cavities and gum problems
  • Treat high risk teeth
  • Prioritize

Smile and Chew with confidence, thanks to Direct Pay Dental Care!


Dr. Marcus Swann offers the following dental services and procedures to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Dental Exams
• Comprehensive prevention
• Screening model
• Gain rapport
Teeth Cleaning
• No rush/thorough
• Good communication
• Anesthesia, as necessary
• Digital
• No routines
Dental Extractions
• Wisdom teeth
• Complex procedures
• Talk you through it
Dental Fillings
• Standardized protocol for materials and location in the mouth
Root Canals
• Market price
• Complex root canal therapy
• Utilizing latest root canal technology
• One-visit Cerec technology
• E-Max/Empress/Sirona
• Great esthetics
• Restore function
• Immediate dentures

Case Studies

First Molar Calcified – Wait too long for root canal therapy?

Price: $805. This new patient in her 40′s presented with a complaint of transient pain upon chewing. No complaint of temperature sensitivity. Our test results were delayed cold response with tenderness to percussion and tooth slooth tender on the...

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Root canal – Remove crown to complete root canal?

Price: $805 for root canal therapy (not including crown) When presented with a painful crowned tooth the question arises should you remove the crown in order to complete the root canal.  Obviously, there are some pro and cons to removing or drilling...

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About Direct Pay Dental Care

Dentist offices in Cranston, RI and Falmouth, MA

Dr. Marcus Swann, Dentist

Direct Pay Dental Care was founded by Dr. Marcus T. Swann based on a simple idea. His idea abandons the old “cottage” culture of dentistry and revives the fundamental nature of a boot-strapping business serving the needs of a well-defined market. Concentrating volumes of information into an efficient system that serves a unique market is the business...

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