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Clash of the Intentions
June, 23, 2018

For the sake of this short piece, we will assume the two state programs through which we provide care are the same.   These are Mass Health and Rhode Island Medicaid.  They are not the same but since the purpose of this essay is not to compare the two, considering them the same does not undermine my purpose or the integrity, or lack thereof, of the...

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75 Reasons Your Dentist Is Running Late
June, 23, 2017

I once had this dentist that charged for novocaine. I had a tooth pulled one time,  the guy was standing on my chest trying to pull it. I hate the sound of the drill. Do you know Dr. Smith. He’s such a great guy.  He was my dentist growing up. You know what,  you should invent drills that don’t make noise. I’m going to my country...

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Gain More Crown
August, 12, 2018

At Direct Pay Dental Care, we crown teeth.  For our high-risk patients, we have a standard Crown protocol.  This protocol has helped to prevent the following common problems people have as a result of poor dental care management: 1. Cracked teeth 2. Recurrent decay and  repeated restorations 3. Nerve problems (need of root canal therapy) 4. Bone...

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Our Angle
February, 26, 2018

This here and past treatment year was an eye-opener in so many ways. We moved into a facility with four large operatories and out of a space of two small operatories and little space to breathe. Four operatories have proven to serve our patient base better in terms of access. Emergency patients are provided same day treatment and care. Complex care...

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= Transfer Dental Anxiety
December, 3, 2017

Managing your fear requires the dimunition of one fear that requires increased loads of work into fear that requires less work and has a higher impact on your quality of life. Two steps are required in accomplishing this management of fear.  One is identifying the two fears which occupy the largest quantity of your time. Two is executing the rule. ...

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November, 26, 2017

On business websites, the photo is the over-rated.  Some favor it since they believe a photo can turn prospective clients into actual customers.  That is if the prospect likes the photo.  My theory is the photo can only hurt you.  If a prospect wants to patronize a business and the business possesses what that prospect wants, then independent of...

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Mutual intentions
October, 1, 2017

Title sounds like your next bad rom-com flick but certainly, intentions should be discussed with your dentist.    Today everyone has such a forever increasing load of mental baggage that many times we forget to touch basis.   Especially when things matter.   Before someone cuts on you, I’d suggest you make sure intentions are mutual. Teeth...

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What is Direct Pay Dental Care?
August, 13, 2017

Literally means dental services paid directly to the provider from patient.  However, this common question requires further elaboration.  In relation to our practice, it is a concept.  The concept is derived from economic and insurance literature.  Economists believe insurance is best applied to products if lost result in catastrophic loss and thereby...

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Coffee House Decay
March, 28, 2017

First man walks into a bustling coffeehouse filled with baked treats and lots of plaid.  He orders a coffee and sits near the large far window located several planks away from the door.  First man says to the next, “what the hell is everyone talking about in here”.  Sounds like the British Court of Appeal in here for gods sake.  Next...

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Chew the fat
January, 25, 2017

  Focusing on the subject matter during your dental appointment is pertinent to a successful  dental appointment.  Of course, everyone wants to discuss life while making friendly small talk but there are many questions to be answered about what is to come! These items include the process of the dental procedure, discussing the pre-operative state...

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