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Coffee House Decay
March, 28, 2017

First man walks into a bustling coffeehouse filled with baked treats and lots of plaid.  He orders a coffee and sits near the large far window located several planks away from the door.  First man says to the next, “what the hell is everyone talking about in here”.  Sounds like the British Court of Appeal in here for gods sake.  Next man says, “they’re devising a plan on how to dupe people”.  First man offended affirms that while walking over here a silver-cropped lady next to the artisanal yogurt display said she’d like to perhaps find the best way to prevent people from doing that.   Next man looks away and takes a sip of coffee.  Third man, without ordering coffee, scurries in and sits on the reclaimed wood bench close to the next man and the first man.  He says, “isn’t this where everyone comes to waste time”.  First man says, “no, not at this table but if you like to dupe, go over there.  If that’s not your cup-of-joe going over there may suit you, near the old re-sold library books and that lady with the straw hat”.  He points. Third man says, “do you mean the one sitting next to the silver-cropper?” First man says, “yes, but be sure to tell her once your over there that the Next man sent you.”  The next man raises one eyebrow and slowly gets up and walks out of the coffeehouse. To be continued…