Good decisions save your smile! If you live well and eat well, your smile will follow. A smile has just as much to do with your well-being as it does clean teeth. When in need of a dentist, decisions are important. Basing your decisions on good information will help you maintain and achieve stability in your mouth. Dr. Swann of Direct Pay Dental Care is focused on the following topics, which will help you make the best decisions.


Set short-term and long-term goals with your dentist.

  • Short-term – Out of pain, Into function  Extract, root canal or drain. Fill or crown. Pain will cause you to make hasty decisions. We try to prevent pain and hasty decisions. Dysfunctional teeth (food impacting, broken teeth, severely worn, etc.) allow for shifting and long-term dysfunction. Having the proper restoration now will help prevent complex problems later.
  • Long-term - Chew and smile!!!  Short-term decisions will affect your long-term outcomes. Keeping teeth in contact from the top, bottom, and sides create long-term stability. Long-term stability includes: TMJ comfort/harmony during tooth contact, all dental spaces occupied with a tooth or prosthetic, and in contact preserving dental size as much as possible. Achieving this as soon as possible will grant you a greater chance of stability and less dental problems.


Determine Payment, Treatment Course, Prognosis and Recovery

  • Payment – How you pay can affect how you receive your treatment. Back-On-Track (BOT) Plans are a great way to get a lot for a little. Our Pay As You Go prices are accessible and allow for proper treatment.
  • Treatment Course – What/What are you getting? How/How will you get it? When/ When will you get it? Pain?/Will the procedure hurt?
  • Prognosis – How well/How well will this work? How long/How long will this last? Comprehensive Prevention/Will this cause other problems?
  • Recovery –  Pain medication?/Will I need pain medication? At-home care?/ Do’s and don’ts?
Pay As You Go Plan BOT Plan
Consultation Analysis Not included Yes
Warranty Not included Yes
Payment Terms Post-procedure Pre-procedure
Pricing Price List Budget-based

While our main office is located in Falmouth, MA, we also see patients in Cranston, RI (by appointment only). Call or contact us to learn more.