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75 Reasons Your Dentist Is Running Late
June, 23, 2017
  1. I once had this dentist that charged for novocaine.
  2. I had a tooth pulled one time,  the guy was standing on my chest trying to pull it.
  3. I hate the sound of the drill.
  4. Do you know Dr. Smith. He’s such a great guy.  He was my dentist growing up.
  5. You know what,  you should invent drills that don’t make noise.
  6. I’m going to my country to have all my work done.  Its too expensive here.
  7. I went to a dentist who had TVs on the ceiling.
  8. Can I meet the doctor?   Oh, you’re the doctor.
  9. Can I wash out my mouth?  That stuff is nasty!
  10. This crown cost me 1700 dollars.
  11. I want whatever the insurance covers.
  12. Where is the doctor?
  13. I floss everyday.
  14. I forgot to take my antibiotics.
  15. Have you seen Marathon Man?
  16. I’m allergic to ibuprofen.
  17. I don’t eat sugar and for some reason I keep getting cavities.
  18. My mother says I have soft teeth.
  19. I have anxiety. (That is common and quite normal for a procedure of this nature Ms. Smith.)  Oh no, but you don’t understand!
  20. Vikes don’t work.  Oxys are better.
  21. I had this dentist once, he said,” the tooth is making you sick, you should pull it”.Hurry up
  22. When I was a child, they didn’t use novocaine, so it was terrible.
  23. I hate dentist. But not you.
  24. Do you do grills?
  25. I hate those x-rays.
  26. Have you seen Little Shop of Horrors?
  27. What’s that blue light do?
  28. Only Z-pak works for me.
  29. They did this back in the 90s in my country for 100 dollars.
  30. Is he the only dentist here?
  31. Hold on my nose itches.
  32. Here let me turn that off.  Sorry about that.
  33. No metal fillings right.  Can I see in the mirror?
  34. No, I don’t want to wear glasses.
  35. My dentist killed himself.
  36. I don’t know because I’m numb.
  37. “My dentist died while working on me.  He fell on me”.
  38.  My grandmother says root canals don’t work.
  39. My mom said to have this tooth pulled.
  40. I’m allergic to aspirin, acetaminophen, Motrin, and Tylenol.
  41. Can we just pull this one?
  42. I’m allergic to novocaine.
  43. I think I’m going to throw up.
  44. The best dentist in Boston placed this crown 50 years ago.
  45. My cousin had veneers put on his teeth.
  46. I gettin’ implants.
  47. My dentist back home said I could just fill it.
  48. Are you the doctor?
  49. Can’t you just fill it.
  50. Can I get a note saying I was here?  My boss doesn’t believe I’m at the dentist.
  51. Have you seen that Bill Cosby stand-up about the dental visit?
  52. So you’re gonna take the root out, right.
  53. You know, they say dentist out of all the professions have the highest suicide rate.
  54. Why does it still hurt if you took out the root?
  55. I don’t want to harbor toxins so can we just pull it.
  56. What do you think about fluoride in the water?
  57. My uncle was a dentist.
  58. I had this placed by the best dentist in New York.
  59. I took two shots of whiskey before I came here.
  60. I forgot my retainer.
  61. Can we not take any x-rays?
  62. My dentist said he was going to send the x-rays.  You haven’t receive them.
  63. Now what does my insurance plan cover.
  64. Its a shame they don’t cover crowns.
  65. Yeah, can you pick me up in one hour…excuse me, how long is this going take…oh, can I get that straw to spit.   You don’t have a spit bowl?
  66. I need to go to the bathroom.
  67. Can I go have a smoke while waiting?
  68. Local anesthesia? What’s that?
  69. You guys don’t use shots.
  70. Do you use laughing gas?
  71. My jaws getting tired fast.
  72. I can’t lay back because of my vertigo.
  73. Now I’m late for my appointment
  74. She charged me too much.
  75. I thought I was finished.